24 April, 09 Middle of exams

Waiting for yew kuan to come, have lunch.

Have 15 minutes to write what I want to write.

Now, 2 years of uni life over. In short:

1st Sem:
Stuck in start business mentality.

2nd Sem:
Still stuck in start business mentality. Ended my first year with disasterous results.

3rd Sem:
Purchased $3,000K worth of courses, still stuck in start business mentality. Start to realize I am not gaining anything from success university and Roger’s team, maybe because I don’t like the mechanism of MLM and Roger’s mentality of recruiting just to build up the ranks. I always believe that product and service is the core behind any business, and I’m not actually very enthusiastic about SU’s products.

End of sem signed up and went for vietnam trip. Experienced for the first time the culture of NBS. Have fun, fun, fun. Dynamic people, always yearning to experience something new. Meet lots of new friends, powerful, dynamic, hip, funny, smart.

Realized the level of maturity of the people there, especially the confidence of the guys who are attached. After the trip, came back and realized how screwed up I have been.

Messing up my mind with problems I don’t have to bother. Why should I give a damn to Mei Choo and Chin Tin’s quarrels? Why the hell did I take up the mantle of “freeing” my parents from their current suffering when they themselves are the problem in the first place?

Stupid, selfish old man who doesn’t give anything a damn other than himself, his cameras and his singing. Doesn’t even give his wife space to sleep even when his son offers him his room instead.

Stubborn, tantrum throwing old woman who must have everything done to her liking, and not giving a damn about what other people think or if they have the time. Give people that fucking stares, slamming everything she touches, sucking away the happiness of everyone in the household.

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Visit to my secondary school, Jurong Secondary School


Change a lot, basically. The school compound just become so much more modern. Almost all the features which I remembered as a student there for 4 years are just gone…

Well, still have to say the school did become bigger, though the soccer field is gone. The most important feature in my opinion is there used to be LOTS of big shady trees over the basketball court. Great as a shield against the sun, and with the occasional leaf litter around, looks very nice really. All gone!

But well, things change, what to do? But overall the school looks much better, with LOTS more facilities approaching the ones found in JCs and Poly schools. The school’s own STUDIO is almost done, complete with those kind of overhead lights found in professional studios…you know? Remembered clearly 4 years ago the main hall’s sound system used to have numerous problems and equipped with only 2 working mikes.

But I’m glad the faces remain familiar. Almost all the teachers I know are still around, and had a nice chat with them along with my secondary school friends.

Let’s see 4 years down the road what else changes…

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Happy New Year! but why so fast…

2007 is here

2006 is gone

And hitting 21 in 10 months time. An ADULT!

Come to think of it…time really fly past. Still remembered 4 years ago while sitting for my O’levels the annoying rattle caused by the rain hitting the makeshift roof of the examination hall. Now waiting to go into university. So fast…

Remembered clearly on 8th Jan 2005 the Malay barber who shaved my head clean of any hair on the second day of enlistment at Ninja Company, BMTC School 2, Pulau Tekong. Now a NSmen. So fast…

Remembered clearly clicking away playing Total Annihilation on my computer 6 years go. Now trying to break into Internet business to earn money. So fast…

Really, back then all I have to do is to wake up, go to school, come back do homework then game away at the computer. Sometimes can’t be bothered to do homework at all.

Just School, Homework, Exam, Computer Game.

Now University, Money, CPF, Debit Card statements, Paypal account, Part-time Job, Driving license, E-commerce, Rich Dad Poor Dad, iBanking. So chim…

Well, got to get on with life. Though miss those easy-going days, new opportunities now await! Lets see if I can hit my target and get to buy a new PC by the end of February!

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Life so far…

Good thing I saved up during my National Service…now my first month passed as an unemployed guy without too much problems lol.

Still focusing on getting my first earnings from doing Internet Marketing. Argh…I have been doing this for almost a year now still not much results. But got to say I learnt a lot though.

Nvm! More focus! See if I can earn and splash some of the money on a whole new PC system by the end of February!

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Good to relax once in a while…

Just spent a whole day with my long-time friends from secondary school. When to Vasaant’s home for a 3 hour game of pool, follow by another 4 fours at Chin Wei’s house for steamboat, chit-chat, Uno…

Really helped to loosen myself. Great to have great friends around you.

Treasure your best friends!!

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Wah…Yesterday spent a whole night going through the ton of help files and FAQs…so many information, yet cannot find the instructions to get my own photo to display on the columns.

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Hello to you!

If you know me…you may be wondering how come got Kelvin next to my surname? When did this mountain tortoise go Western/ang moh?

Well, was trying to decide what to put for my name…and it seems to all blogs that I have looked at have Jack, Jaz, Mary, Butterfly or Peter in front of their surname, so MUST follow the trend! Why? Don’t know.

Why Kelvin? It seems that my full name Thien Kai Wei, seems to be difficult for people to catch on, or that I talk too fast; almost every time when shaking someone’s hand it goes like this…

“Hi I am [so and so], you are…”
“Oh Hi! I am Kai Wei!”
“Hi Kelvin!”
“Oh no, Kai Wei”
“Kai Wei”
“Kai Wei, Kai Wei…”
“Oh, Hi, Hi!”

And so it goes. Cannot figure out why Kai Wei = Kelvin. Sound similar to you?
Kelvin Thien I will be, if that makes it easier. But prefer Kai Wei though…having a Kelvin feels so…ang moh…well I guess I will use that name when talking to ang mohs. lol

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